Manifeste011 x Marie Taillefer

Manifeste011 présente des créations de la photographe et réalisatrice Marie Taillefer.
Trois d'entres elles ont été réalisées avec des vêtements de la boutique Manifeste011.

A Manifeste011

Programmation musicale et vitrines composées par Marie Taillefer.

DJ : BUVETTE et Emo_goblin

A propos de Marie Taillefer
Photographer / Video Director

Born and raised by wolfes in the french Alps 3 decades ago
Youth :Professional snowboarder.
Art schools attended in Paris, France then in Vevey, Switzerland
Won photographic prizes,
Hermes prize
Nikon prize
Imacon prize
European Woman Photographer Award
Began fashion & art photography carreer and smiling 10 years ago between Europe and New York
Could not happen without the help and care of my 5 Ladies Angels :
Catherine Taillefer, my mother
Renate Gallois Montbrun, my agent
Sarah Moon, my mentor
Li Edelkoort, the visionnaire
Marita Ruiter, my galerist
Works and learns on videos with swiss magic plastician artist Thomas Koenig
Worst and best lover
Party and gallery manager
Coffee and paint provider
Would not live without Mexico family,
Would not live without New York City family
Would not live without Paris family
Would not live without Vevey family


Photos Jaco Khrist

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